Faithful volunteers are the heartbeat of our work at the Pope Francis Center.

We are blessed with individuals and groups who recognize that wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness…and we can always use more helping hands.

Every morning, we offer our guests two meals, showers and laundry services. More importantly, we offer a community of compassion where people who live at the margins of society are welcomed and embraced. In order to make it all happen, we need volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little bit of everything, including:

Meal Service

Hot nutritious meals support our guests’ mental and physical health, which is key to their overall well-being. We rely on a dedicated volunteer corps to help us prepare and serve food, as well as pitch in to keep the serving line full, clean up tables and wash dishes. This is a great way to get to know our staff and interact with our nearly 200 guests each day – especially as a first-time volunteer. Please note: All meals must be prepared in the Pope Francis Center kitchen.

Front Office and Shower Support

We provide our guests with three private shower facilities and sink/shave stations in a clean and welcoming environment. We also provide guests with toiletry kits, clean socks and underwear and other health and grooming items as needed. As a front office volunteer, you’ll assist in sanitizing showers between guest use, assist those waiting to use the facilities and hand out necessities.

Laundry Service

We launder guests’ clothing while they are here, providing them with a fresh set of clothes as they wait for their belongings to be washed and dried. As a volunteer, you’ll keep the washers and dryers humming with guests’ clothes and shower towels, fold each load and make sure the laundry room stays tidy.

Special Projects

Volunteers are also vital in helping to organize the community’s generous contributions. That can include picking up food donations from restaurants and delivering them to the Center, stocking food, health and hygiene products and other goods we receive or tackling other projects that may arise, all with ample instruction from our program director.


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