Pope Francis Center guests are greeted each day with a hearty continental breakfast, followed mid-morning by a hearty nutrient-packed meal lovingly prepared on-site by our kitchen staff and a dedicated band of volunteers.

Mealtime creates a sense of community for our guests and an opportunity for fellowship with one another, our staff and our volunteers. Communal dining is not only vital to our guests’ emotional well-being, it also provides very real health benefits. Our nutritional menu helps:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Manage diabetic conditions – especially type 2 diabetes
  • Prevent hypertension, heart disease and stroke
  • Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis
  • Boost mood to alleviate depression and fatigue
  • Improve memory and battle dementia


Pope Francis Center provides our guests with rotating access to three private shower facilities and sink/shave stations in a clean and welcoming environment. We also distribute toiletry kits, clean socks and underwear and other health and grooming items as needed. Haircuts are regularly available.

Access to good personal and oral hygiene through the Center’s facilities not only boosts our guests’ spirits; regular showers help ward off a variety of health concerns such as stomach viruses, body lice, gastroenteritis and skin infections. Regular teeth brushing keeps conditions like coronary artery disease, dementia, diabetes, pneumonia and pregnancy and birth complications in check.

Our continually running industrial washers and dryers ensure guests have fresh, dry clothing. In addition to boosting self-esteem and enhancing appearance, clean clothes protect our guests from the threat of frostbite from wearing wet socks, gloves and other garments in winter temps.

Housing Assistance

Pope Francis Center housing specialists maintain relationships with other community resources that offer permanent supportive housing, employment opportunities, and furniture assistance, to assist those guests eligible to transition into a more independent lifestyle.

Mail, phone, and internet services are also available at the Pope Francis Center.

Detroit Recovery Project and QBH partner with us to provide recovery assistance and treatment programs.


Pope Francis Center proudly partners with a host of dedicated organizations and businesses across the community in continually delivering the support and counsel that enhances our guests’ health and well-being. Through our dedicated space within the Center, professionals and students support our guests each day via a rotating schedule of clinics that includes:


A bicycle opens a world of freedom to those experiencing homelessness. Volunteers from Holy Spokes keep guests' bikes in good working condition, as well as refurbish donated models for others to get where they need to go.


Our partners from Covenant Community Care, Street Medicine Detroit, Beaumont Health, and University of Detroit Mercy provide preventative care and regular medical intervention for mental health concerns, chronic conditions, and urgent illnesses and injuries.


Covenant Community Care dentists and hygienists provide basic check-ups, oral screenings, and emergency dental care for our guests.


Foot health offers insight into overall health. University of Detroit Mercy nurses regularly monitor Pope Francis Center guests for indications of frostbite in an effort to avoid the need for amputation.


Any number of legal problems can derail life for a person experiencing homelessness. Thanks to volunteers from seven local law firms, our guests receive regular legal counsel, helping them address family law issues, workers' compensation, disability claims, and other problems related to homelessness, such as charges of loitering and vagrancy.


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