Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, the Pope Francis Center provides vital services to nearly 200 Detroiters experiencing chronic homelessness each day.

Our day center at 438 St. Antoine (at the corner of Larned) welcomes guests from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. Monday – Saturday for two nutritious meals, access to hot showers and grooming services, laundry facilities and housing assistance. Guests also receive free medical, dental and legal support through rotating clinics. Bike repair and mail services are also provided.

The Pope Francis Center maintains a zero-bar entry policy, meaning we serve anyone who seeks our support without requiring identification or paperwork or screening for drugs or alcohol. Within the day center, however, violence and illegal drug or alcohol use are strictly prohibited.

For many people living on Detroit’s streets, Pope Francis Center is a beacon of help and hope. We see the humanity and goodness in everyone who comes through our doors and treat our guests with the dignity God intends for all His children…

A mother who lost her job, and then slowly her way, and now sleeps alone beneath a bridge.

An elderly veteran whose body and mind can’t escape the terrors of a long-ago war.

A teen who ran away from an abusive home and masks his hurt and pain through addiction.

These are the some of the guests we welcome each day with open arms, ministering to their minds, bodies and spirits with a feeling of home and safe respite from life on the streets. We are dedicated to helping our guests unlock their human potential so they can realize a brighter future.

Chronic Homelessness

For those of us with jobs and a comfortable place to live, each day breaks with endless possibilities. But for those experiencing chronic homelessness, daybreak doesn’t bring hope, but a reminder that another long day of struggle has arrived.

Chronic homelessness is defined as those without a home for at least a year – or repeatedly – while struggling with a disabling condition such as a serious mental illness, substance abuse disorder or physical disability.

Pope Francis Center guests often carry these or other wounds due to trauma or loss. Being homeless and living on the streets is but a symptom of the hurt and limitations that life has thrust upon them.

Because people experiencing chronic homelessness face the greatest barriers to self-sustainability and slip through the cracks, many lose their lives each year to harsh winters, drug overdoses and preventable diseases. We, at the Pope Francis Center, believe that each death can be avoided with the necessary support in place.

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