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Once you’ve committed to one or more shifts, we understand that things can come up and you may need to cancel. Please let us know at least 24 hours before your shift so that we are able to find other volunteers to fill your slot(s) by e-mailing Emily Ferstle Angus, Community Engagement Manager or calling 313-964-2823 ext 224.

Dress Code

Please wear comfortable clothes, including long pants and close-toed shoes for your volunteer shift(s). If you are working in the kitchen, you will also need to wear a hat or hairnet, which we will gladly provide for you. Pope Francis Center will also provide any other protective gear and equipment that you may need, including a mask or gloves.

Parking, Arrival & Assignments

Complimentary parking is provided for all volunteers. Detailed instructions regarding parking may be found here.  It is important to arrive promptly when your shift begins at 6:45 am to ensure you have enough time to check-in with Emily, our Community Engagement Manager. She will greet you and our staff will assign you to an area or task for the day and give instructions. Anyone arriving late should check in with a Pope Francis Center staff member.

Interacting with Guests

Pope Francis Center volunteers are key to creating a community of kinship with our guests, reminding them that they are beloved children of God. In visiting with guests, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Interact and talk to guests!
  • Treat everyone politely, with dignity and respect
  • Maintain a non-judgmental attitude
  • Keep sensitive matters confidential
  • Social distance
  • Keep your mask on and politely remind guests to keep theirs on
  • Smile and have fun!
  • Use sexist, racist, homophobic or other offensive language
  • Engage in physical or verbal altercations with guests, volunteers or staff
  • Give guests money
  • Share your personal information


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